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Was Your Last Job Interview as Enthusiastic as This One?

What is your management style?  What is you greatest passion?  These are all common questions at a job interview, but perhaps this style of interview is not something you've encountered before.  Enjoy this most unusual job interview conducted at Heineken (albeit an extreme one) where your personality and approach to life and work will outshine [...]

Positive Affirmations: Thoughts that change to actions, habits

Being positive does not come naturally to all of us, but with conscious effort we can change that. Durban - Feeling negative and not always motivated to face a new day? It’s time to start changing your mind. Being positive is a conscious choice you can make. We have more than 400 000 thoughts a [...]

The Perfect Holiday Gift You May Not Have Thought Of

With the arrival of the holidays comes the serious gift buying season and shopping for that special someone, which can often times be challenging at best.  Sometimes you'd like your gift to represent a little more than a generic gift card, which granted is always a safe bet, but if you're looking for a truly [...]

Why Every Tuesday Should Be A Giving Tuesday

Giving, loving, caring, empathy and compassion, going beyond ourselves and stepping out of our comfort zones to help serve others— this is the only viable answer to the multitude of problems the world is facing. We are in the midst of multiple crises— economic, environmental, and social. And we cannot wait for a leader to [...]

How to End Your Day on a Positive Note

Do you spend your evening stressing about the events of earlier in the day? Bringing the stresses of work home with can not only have a negative impact on your home life, but can affect your productivity in the days that follow as your mind and body are never quite able to de-stress. Theresa Glomb, [...]

Black Friday It Is

It is a very black Friday indeed.  This photograph taken a few moments ago is the view from my desk on this dark and stormy day in Washington state.  As I stare out the window and ponder one of the busiest shopping days of the year, no longer just for brick and mortar stores but [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy #IAmGrateful.com

Empowering Words From Steve Jobs in About 1 Minute

American entrepreneur, marketer and inventor, Steve Jobs (1955-2011), who was the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple, Inc. received a number of honors and public recognition for his influence in the technology and music industries.  He's been referred to as "legendary", a "futurist" a "visionary" and a "master of innovation". Enjoy this short clip which [...]

Choosing a Killer Domain Name

According to a recent article in Entrepreneur, choosing your domain name is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business.  Your domain name characterizes your business, labels your business, and will stick with your business for a long time. In most cases, you should choose a domain name at the same [...]

Neil Young: Who’s Gonna Stand Up and Save the Earth?

It's easy to picture Neil Young up on stage with Crazy Horse or Crosby, Stills & Nash, but a 92-piece orchestra? For the "orchestral" version of the rocker's upcoming album Storytone, Young sang live and with no overdubs as the sounds of violins and a choir swirled around him, and thanks to the new video for [...]