Being “high” doesn’t always involve the use of marijuana.  Although now that over 20 states in the U.S. have enacted laws to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, it’s a pretty common term.

I’ve actually never smoked a cigarette, let alone weed, so when I think of the term “high”, it implies an elevated sense of well-being.  For instance, I recently took my daughter and her best friend to a Katy Perry concert.  I would definitely say I experienced a “high” after the concert.  It was an incredible sense of appreciation of being entertained by a talented artist, along with a host of back-up singers, dancers, choreographers, stage lighting and pyrotechnics to execute such a high energy concert.  The 20,000+ fans in the arena with us were also clearly on a high judging from the constant screaming and abundant sales of memorabilia at the kiosks.  We want to remember that “high” or experience, so we need to have a memento, right?

For some people like my husband, their “high” has always been flying.  My husband is a small aircraft pilot and retired air traffic controller.  There is nothing he loves more than piloting a plane or helicopter.  He experiences tremendous freedom soaring at high altitudes above the earth.  For my dad, however, his high has always been rock and mountain climbing.  The arduous climb and then reveling in the expansive and breathtaking views.

On a recent trip to Australia I was having a picnic on the beach with my family and we were watching sky divers willingly throw themselves out of a plane over the huge expanse of the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  The whoops and hoopla that came as each sky diver made that final landing on the golden sandy shores of the Aussie coastline clearly told the story of  having just experienced a tremendous high.

I have also experienced the breathtaking “high” of a colorful hot air balloon ride gently floating over Albuquerque’s Sandia Mountains as dawn breaks.

I Am

So whatever “high” means to you, it appears that these are the moments in one’s life that will always be treasured.

For me, as a mother, probably my greatest high was bringing into this world our treasured daughter.  This high has only been surpassed by watching her grow, learn and blossom each and every day.

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