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Positive Affirmation Domains (PAD’s) are unique domains that have piqued the interest of buyers who want to own a domain name that specifically define the owner or their niche of interest.

Similar to vanity numbers and license plates for individuals, PAD’s are a statement or declaration of being. They can be for personal use to connect an individual to their respective talent or interests, like, for a bikini model, or for a fitness related site or app. As a Moniker for a big ego or a brand-friendly slogan that is also the URL, these dotcom’s are unforgettable.

Website & Business FOR SALE ~ IAmPowerful.comVanity domains are growing in popularity as they are truly one of a kind. Recent sales of and , at $4K and $5K respectively are examples of PAD’s that have been acquired. In both of these cases, the owners are leveraging the name with an associated business. is the actual website name for a real estate company in Michigan, while redirects to, a fitness supplements ecommerce site.

Rare names like or have asking prices of $50K and $100K.  There are a finite number of positive, affirming adjectives that describe people in a meaningful way and there is only one of each. Thankfully, our language and others have many names with similar meaning (synonyms) so buyers can still find a PAD that fits well.

As an investment, PAD’s represent an interesting opportunity to acquire good names in the mid 4 to low 5 figures currently with a lot of potential for the market to reach 6 figures as their popularity increases as more people become aware of this niche within the dotcom marketplace and more PAD’s are used for successful online businesses or personal landing pages.

Website & Business FOR SALE ~ is a great example of a domain name that could be utilized by an individual to promote their own brand, like a personal talent agency providing head shots, resume, specialization etc., or it could become the next portal for a talent agency or audition site for casting calls. would be a great name for a personal trainer, motivational speaker, or a coaching related website business. or are wonderful names for proclaiming your future state of financial well being or a great domain for a site on creating wealth or business opportunities, network marketing etc. is a great site for delivering hope, changing the world, making a difference. Also, great for a charity, or non-profit organization that is making a difference. obviously comes with the legalization of marijuana niche that is exploding or it could be a great outdoor activities related site, or about getting high on life, living well, contributing and serving.! Who doesn’t want this moniker or slogan associated with their profile? Also, great for a company that aspires to align with this image and message.

Similarly, “We Are” dSidebar_Sale_2otcoms are also  a unique niche of domain names that have become popular with companies and organizations around the world. They essentially incorporate slogans adopted by companies or brands that define the qualities or relationship that the company wants to promote. These statements are declarations of who they are or what they are passionate about or represent. For example, you have acquired by the Seattle Space Needle, acquired and heavily marketed by the behemoth multinational corporation BNP Paribas, acquired and owned by DeBeers, and acquired and owned by Intuit.

Many of these domains have unreported sales in the mid 5 figures (NDA’s) according to the sellers. The very recent sale of sold for approximately $18,000 via and as a recent comp. The seller went through with the deal but there was likely going to be strong interest at a much higher valuation from corporate sponsors of soccer or football who may have paid upwards of $50K – $100K – similar to BNP Paribas who invested heavily in

Sidebar_Sale_4The opportunities to acquire and sell unique and powerful domains in this category are plentiful and interest from companies to acquire and protect their IP has been demonstrated clearly. There is no doubt strong potential for companies like Progressive Insurance, as an example, which currently owns, to want to protect its brand and also acquire the slogan based domain name “”. For billion dollar companies, a selling price in the mid 5 to low 6 figures is not outrageous.

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