noun, plural can·dies.

1.  Any of a variety of confections made with sugar, syrup, etc., often combined with chocolate, fruit, nuts, etc.
2.  A single piece of such a confection.
3.  Slang. cocaine.
4.  Someone or something that is pleasing or pleasurable, usually in a superficial way (often used in combination): eye candy.
verb (used with object), can·died, can·dy·ing.
5.  To cook in sugar or syrup, as sweet potatoes or carrots.
6.  To cook in heavy syrup until transparent, as fruit, fruit peel, or ginger.
7.  To reduce (sugar, syrup, etc.) to a crystalline form, usually by boiling down.
8.  To coat with sugar: to candy dates.
9.  To make sweet, palatable, or agreeable.