It is a very black Friday indeed.  This photograph taken a few moments ago is the view from my desk on this dark and stormy day in Washington state.  As I stare out the window and ponder one of the busiest shopping days of the year, no longer just for brick and mortar stores but now for online sales as well, I am so very pleased to be sitting here at my desk admiring the dramatic sky and listening to the wind howl through the evergreens.

Much to the disappointment of my teenage daughter, I loathe shopping at the malls and fighting the crowds.  I should clarify, however, that I actually do enjoy selecting gifts for my family and loved ones, but I go about it in a different way.  I like to make some quiet time and gaze into the fire with a cup of tea and contemplate each one of my family members and the special folks in my life.  I focus on their faces and ponder what I love about each and everyone one of them.  As I do so, I receive the “inspiration” of the perfect and meaningful gift that I would like to share with them during the holiday season.

Once I have my “list” of gift ideas, I will most likely brave the traffic and the hoards at the shopping centers with the help of my daughter, but only after a delicious salad and glass of vino at my favorite restaurant.  I always have such high hopes that I’ll find all of those gift ideas at the stores, but alas it is never the case.  That’s when I come home and my shopping spree continues on the internet.  Shopping online  is always so much more appealing to me.  I let my fingers do the walking and I find exactly what I want.  Then my faithful and trusty UPS driver delivers the gifts to my door a few days later.

I admire all of the shoppers out on a busy day like today getting the deals. My teenager would say “every shopping day is a good day”.  I say “each to their own”!