When starting a new business, most entrepreneurs will reserve a domain name and URL for their new venture…and then move on to printing business cards. Not Dan Boaz, Founder and President of AirFreight.com. Dan has amassed over 1,000 domains related to transportation, and he is working on a very deliberate strategy to dominate the shipping industry by directing web traffic to his expedited shipping companies.

Is his plan working? You be the judge. Right now, AirFreight.com shows up on page one of a web search—above UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Among his prized domain trophies, you will find ExpeditedFreight.com, FullTruckload.com, HotshotTrucking.com and SameDayDelivery.com. If you try to reserve any logical domain name in the transportation industry, you may be surprised to find that most, if not all, of your favorite picks are already tied up by Dan. To date his collection has grown to an appraised value of over $10M, but he’s not selling. Each new addition only helps keep competition at bay, while directing customers his way. So how has he succeeded in such a remarkable way, and how could you do likewise for your business? The answer is consistency.

Article courtesy of Larry Myler ~ Forbes Magazine

Following are a few examples of other companies who have utilized the same strategy:

  • Debeers purchased WeAreDiamonds.com
  • Intuit purchased WeAreSmallBusiness.com
  • IAmEpic.org purchased IAmEpic.com
  • Protective.com purchased IAmProtective.com