Selecting a memorable and easy to remember domain name can often times be a lengthy process, but have you also considered how your domain might rank in search engine optimization?

As posted in a recent article by Krystal Overmyer from Skyword, selecting an exact-match domain (EMD), a domain that contains search keywords within the domain name, easily rose to the top of the search results page.

Research shows keyword domains rank 11 percent (about one spot) higher than non-keyword, brandable domains. While that may seem negligible, the bigger story is that keyword domains need to do a lot less work to earn that higher ranking. Such domains are able to nab the top spot with half as much content and by only using the keyword half as often. Brandable domains need 40,000 additional links to hit the top spot and 35,000 more to break the top 10.

Exact-match domains still tend to rank higher than their unmatched counterparts, even though Google has de-emphasized keyword domains in the past few years. Research from SEO software company CanIRank shows that keyword domain names earn higher rankings and require fewer links than their non-keyword counterparts.

Keyword domains need to do a lot less work to earn higher search engine ranking!

For example if you own the domain, or and someone searches on the keyword “health”, then these websites are more likely to have a higher ranking over other health related sites simply by having the word “health” as part of the domain name.

Having an exact-match domain, along with good content marketing, may boost your website’s relevance and ultimately improves its website ranking.