It’s easy to picture Neil Young up on stage with Crazy Horse or Crosby, Stills & Nash, but a 92-piece orchestra? For the “orchestral” version of the rocker’s upcoming album Storytone, Young sang live and with no overdubs as the sounds of violins and a choir swirled around him, and thanks to the new video for the environmental activism anthem “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?,” we see how Young pulled off what he told Rolling Stone was “the most different thing that I’ve ever attempted.”

In the video, we see the 92-piece orchestra receiving their cues while Young sings the track from another room. (Young told Rolling Stone he originally wanted to record the entire performance using one microphone, but that idea was nixed by his Storytone co-producers.) The singer’s performance is in turn beamed to the orchestra live via a large screen to create this unlikely collaboration. Disturbing images of pollution – the type Young hopes to eradicate with the message of this song – are shown on the screens above the orchestra as well.

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