Choosing a well-considered domain name may have more impact on search results than many other SEO efforts combined.  Having a quality domain selected for your business niche and industry can increase website traffic and conversions.  Whether the company is new or has already achieved great results, website traffic via your domain name represents your identity and showcases your business, hobby or interest.

Securing the right domain name is the foundation for building a compelling online presence.

Your domain is an opportunity to proudly state your brand and target your online audience.  Choosing a domain that clearly tells potential customers what your business is can make all of the difference.  An effective domain name tells your customers very clearly and simply what you do.

For example, take the Positive Affirmation Domain:  This name clearly expresses a business that is bold, brazen and audacious and speaks very highly to the nature of the business, not to mention being extraordinarily intriguing and unique.

So when considering a domain, be sure to choose a name that is short, memorable, and more importantly, defines the characteristics of your business.  Be sure to accurately consider a domain that expresses your brand.  Having a domain that doesn’t make sense may inadvertently send users to another site.

In the end you have to make a choice by selecting a name that creatively describes the essence of your business.  Trust yourself and choose a name that you believe in and feel passionate about.