IamMoney.com was sold recently – buyer wanted to remain anonymous – and used an intermediary to acquire the asset. The name has not been pointed to a website as yet, but it makes one speculate to whom this positive affirmation domain went to? First thought was Floyd “Money” Mayweather . Could this be his new monicker? His nickname is Money Mayweather, aptly named for his ability to draw huge cash purses for his prize fights.

Clearly, the new owner wanted to have a domain name that spoke to the affirmation of what they wanted to be known for or create as a reality. Iammoney.com is a powerful statement and affirmation that one is a magnet to money and wealth – could be a status appeal statement as well. Either way, it will be interesting to see what the new owner develops with this domain.
Iampure.com while still owned by a UK investor was clearly the first choice for iampure.ca owner and Canadian model, Monika Schnarre, who chose the positive affirmation domain to reflect her all natural, non animal tested make up. These domains reflect the ideal that is desired to be emphasized by the owner. Just like Iamtalented.com is a perfect name for a talent agency.com, or iamsexy.com would be a great name for plus size models and lingerie if Victoria’s Secret doesn’t snap it up first!