Renewable energy is a rather controversial topic, however, this pursuit has “entrepreneur in the making” all over it and I hope this message reaches those who are in a position to make a difference.

President Obama says “we don’t yet have the technological breakthroughs that can completely replace fossil fuels”  so we need to increase energy efficiency and find renewable sources of energy.

Randy Powell, a very forward thinking individual, says he’s done exactly that.  He represents a vortex based mathematics project which was first initiated nearly 40 years ago.  Randy’s teacher, Marco Rodin, discovered an unknown mathematical language inherent to nature and Randy found the key in how to model it in three dimensional space and produce renewable energy.

Randy believes that the importance of this discovery cannot be underestimated.  With the findings from this discovery he says we can create inexhaustible clean energy, produce unlimited food, end all disease, travel anywhere in the universe, and build the ultimate super computer.

How is it possible that he can make such outrageous claims?  Randy says he has the secret that connects all the world’s technologies into one: numbers.  Numbers are a living language, a jigsaw puzzle that when pieced together no longer form an approximation or a rendition of reality, numbers are reality!

Numbers are a wave form that fold out into a 3D shape that literally defines space and time. Please watch this inspiring and informative video to learn more about what shapes a clean and definable environment.  Randy’s discovery has caught the attention of a lot of companies in the know, however, he refuses to sell this technology to a singular company.  Randy’s goal is to take this information and make it public, so that all of humanity may benefit from it.

I was very inspired by Randy’s innovative way of thinking and it is my most sincere desire that this video makes a significant and sustainable change for future generations to come.