Value-of-DomainsThe Value of a PAD

Positive Affirmation Domains (PAD’s) are unique domains that have piqued the interest of buyers who want to own a domain name that specifically define the owner or their niche of interest. Similar to vanity numbers and license plates for individuals, PAD’s are a statement or declaration of being.

PAD’s can be for personal use to connect an individual to their respective talent or interests. As a moniker or a brand-friendly slogan that is the same as the URL, these dotcom’s are unforgettable!

Vanity domains are growing in popularity as they are truly one of a kind. There are a finite number of positive, affirming adjectives that describe people in a meaningful way and there is only one of each. Fortunately, the English language and others have many names with similar meaning (synonyms) so buyers can still find a PAD that fits well.

As an investment, Positive Affirmation Domains represent an opportunity to acquire great names currently in the low 5 figures with a lot of potential for the market to reach 6 figures as their popularity increases as more people become aware of this niche within the dotcom marketplace and more PAD’s are used for successful online businesses or personal landing pages.